Short Review: Akshay Kumar’ GOLD is Incredible and about patriotism

Short Review: Akshay Kumar’ GOLD is Incredible and about patriotism

Bollywood Action King, Akshay Kumar is surprising these days with innovative, good content-driven films. After Pad Man and Toilet Ek Prema Katha, he has brought the golden era of Indian Hockey.

Coming to the story of GOLD, it depicts the golden era of Indian hockey through the journey of Young Assistant Manager, Tapan Das who dreams of playing for an independent nation in 1936. When and How India has won the first Gold after got freedom from the British? 

The director Reema Katgi has not only written wonderfully but also executed brilliantly by depicting What India is truly made of. The screenplay of Reema Katgi and Rajesh Devraj, the dialogues of Javed Akhtar are superb. The director has opted apt cast and crew. All the lead actors including Akshay Kumar, Amit Sadh, Kunal Kapur, Mouni Roy has performed brilliantly.

Akshay rocked as usual with his performance as an ardent dreamer. Especially, his performance in the episodes of his struggle to fulfill his dream to play for an Independent India and to stand tall with pride post winning GOLD while our national anthem is playing is awesome. As a housewife, Mouni Roy brought life to the role and nailed with her performance.

GOLD is mostly about amazing writing and execution. In some episodes like where Indian Players cheer for Pakistani and vice-versa etc.,  There are some wonderful such episodes in the Gold about Bind People not divide,  

GOLD under currently discusses things like India beauty lies in the unity irrespective of religion, caste, region etc., followed by the Nation needs merit to win not either some state is delivering more players to the nation or the other regions need to give a chance.

GOLD is a blend of patriotism, emotion, comedy and a wonderful message.