Swara Bhasker trolled after 'Mughals made India rich' comment

Swara Bhasker trolled after 'Mughals made India rich' comment

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker has been trolled heavily on social media for declaring that the Mughal rulers made India rich.  Her comment is not backed by irrefutable evidence.  Statistics say that she has peddled nonsense.  

IAS officer Sanjay Dixit, reacting to Swara's comment, said, "Where did this fact come from? JNU? Ever heard of Angus Maddison? The impoverishment of India was begun by Sultanate, accelerated by Mughals, completed by British. Before them, India commanded world trade and 33% of its GDP."  

Shiv Sena politician Priyanka Chaturvedi said, "So, if Mughals made India rich, I can’t wait to read some apologist write that Britishers actually made India a superpower!  False narratives should be vehemently trashed, sad that people propagate it."  

Columnist Ghose Spot joked, "New Zealand wouldn’t be in the finals hadn’t India lost. So India made England win. And, Mughals made India rich else we wouldn’t be playing cricket. So, Mughals should be credited for England’s victory."  

Podcaster Arnab Ray was even sharper.  "The Mughals were a genocidal occupying force & to justify Mughal rule by saying they "developed roads etc" is no different than justifying Hitler by saying he took a war-devastated Germany to Europe's number one power or by justifying Stalin for making USSR a super-power," he tweeted out