‘TDP has Convenient Memory loss Syndrome’- Pawan Kalyan

‘TDP has Convenient Memory loss Syndrome’- Pawan Kalyan

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan responded over TDP and its MP tactics in the Parliament. He also strongly countered to AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu over his comments on Janasena as they are behaving convenient to the BJP.

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has questioned AP CM that who can make an alliance with BJP which has lost its faith among AP people and the Telugu people even doesn’t consider BJP.  He also said that TDP has equal share along with BJP in the betraying AP people over the special status issue.

By tweeting previous speeches of TDP MPs in favor of the special package, Pawan Kalyan has alleged that TDP is doing convenient politics. And the leaders of TDP are suffering from Convenient Memory Loss Syndrome like Suriya’ Ghajini memory loss syndrome.

He also asked TDP leaders to recollect how many times they have changed words on special status as per their convenience. Especially posting previous Jaydev Galla speech as ‘Special package is far better than special status then along with current speech of special status is everything to him.'

Pawan Kalyan warned TDP leaders don't consider people as mute spectators, a new generation is awakened.  He said that Janasena is with people and it does what is right, not convenient politics like you.

He also questions the accountability of TDP MPs as one side they bow to Modi in the parliament yesterday and the other end, they implement No-Confidence Motion.  Besides, Home Minister Rajnath Singh' comments as they still considering TDP is their friend. 

"Like ‘Ghazni’ film Hero’s short term memory loss, TDP also has developed ‘Convenient Memory loss Syndrome’. 175 MLA’s, 25 Mps is not AP; every word each one of them utters & every action of theirs is accountable to 5 crores of people.A new generation has awakened,kindly don’t take them as bunch of mute spectators.

“JanaSena will not do what is convenient, it will do what is right.”