Tinder dating goes haywire for a guy as he lands in jail!

Tinder dating goes haywire for a guy as he lands in jail!

He swiped right on a Bengaluru-based girl.  She liked him back.  They talked, they met, they enjoyed themselves.  The guy had a one-night-stand with the girl.  It was supposed to end blissfully for him.  But it didn't.

The girl proposed marriage.  The guy resisted.  With the girl stubbornly insisting that they should make their relationship long-lasting, the dude blocked her.  

Unexpectedly, the girl went to the police.  The guy, who is a techie, is now behind the bars.  Probably, he will be tried under IPC sections and, perhaps, even the IT Act.  

What does it all say?  Be careful while dating.  Make things clear to your partner.  If the other one is not looking for a no-strings-attached affair, you shouldn't consummate the relationship.  It applies to both males and females.  

Meanwhile, the incident has triggered a range of reactions on social media.  Says Deepika Bharadwaj, "The confused liberated women of India. Happy to indulge in premarital sex but cry rape moment man says NO to marriage. Who they want to marry is their choice, but they feel entitled to force a man into marriage just because they had sex! Obnoxious!"