Titanic II is all set to embark on its maiden voyage 

 Titanic II is all set to embark on its maiden voyage 

The name 'Titanic' reminds two things one is a huge loss and the other is a huge gain. In 1912, RMS Titanic which is the largest ship at the time afloat has sunk in North Atlantic Ocean after it struck an iceberg during its maiden voyage from Southampton to Newyork. More than 1,500 people died in this marine disaster.

Well, this marine disaster became a huge gain for the filmmakers. James Cameron' Titanic shatter the BO records and still, it is in Top five box office collectors across the globe.

Coming to the main point, the replica of Titanic is all set for the maiden voyage in 2022 from Southampton to Newyork in the same route where the RMS Titanic started its first voyage.

 Clive Palmer, an Australian businessman and chairman of Blue Star Line, announced the revival of the project "Titanic II". Actually, Titanic II has to start its maiden voyage in 2018 but delayed due to financial constraints. Blue Star Line operates Titanic II whereas former is operated by White Star Line.