Unbelievable: Nuclear menace in the Himalayas 

Unbelievable: Nuclear menace in the Himalayas 

It was in 1965 that the US wanted to spy on China months after the country carried out nuclear tests.  The CIA of the US approached India with a proposal.  It asked India to cooperate with it to install a nuclear-powered sensor on the peak of Nanda Devi, a Himalayan peak, to spy on China.  

India agreed.  In October 1965, the device was commissioned to be placed.  But a blizzard happened when the expedition was going on, resulting in the failure of the mission.  The American and Indian officials went back to homes, leaving the nuclear-powered espionage device at the Nanda Devi.

A few months later, a search operation was conducted by the two countries to trace the device.  But they failed.  Two more search operations were held in the following years.  These attempts, too, failed.  

Cut to 2018, Uttarakhand tourism minister Satpal Maharaj has approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a proposal to mount a search operation to trace the device.  The Centre said that an operation should be commissioned to find the atomic device.

Why is it important to unearth the device?  It's because there is a huge risk that this atomic device, comprising of plutonium capsules, will pollute Rishi-Ganga and/or the Ganges in the coming years.  If it happens, fatalities and/or health problems for humans using the water is expected.  

A device is haunting India even after more than 55 years.  Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.