Virat Kohli’ MIC drop celebration against Joe Root reminds Dada-Flintoff’

Virat Kohli’ MIC drop celebration against Joe Root reminds Dada-Flintoff’

Yesterday, the first Test Match between India and England has started.  The home-side almost lost his whole side on day 1. At the end of first-day’ play, England is at 285/9. 

Indian Off -Spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin rattled the English batting lineup. Despite Ashwin is player of the day, Virat Kohli’ lightening run out of England Captain Joe Root and his MIC drop celebration became the highlight and added much intense to this first test match.

While digging little deeper, you came to know the reason behind Virat Kohli’ MIC drop celebration against Joe Root. The English Captain who has made the century against India in last and final decider match in the bilateral ODI series has celebrated by dropping his bat, which is known as ‘MIC drop celebration’.

The Indian Skipper, Virat Kohli who waited for the moment has done it in his style after sending inform England Captain Joe Root back to the pavilion by his lightning throw. After sending Joe Root back to the pavilion, Virat repeated MIC down celebration in reply to Joe’, just like tit for tat.

This incident reminding, Dada Sourav Ganguly’ shirt off celebrations in 2003 after sealing Natwest series in reply to England Allrounder, Andrew Flintoff’, who celebrated by removing his shirt when they win the ODI series first time in England.

By comparing both the incidents, fans celebrating that Dada 2.0 has come to show the power of India to the world. 

Over Kohli’ MIC drop celebration, Joe Root: “ I didn’t see it in the middle, but did catch it later in the night. Look, it’s fine. That’s what makes Test cricket a spectacle. IT’s great to have that sort of entertainment early on in the series. Let’s see how it goes over the five-matches– (The Field)”.