WC final: How can you decide the winner like that?

WC final: How can you decide the winner like that?

The ICC World Cup cricket champion was decided on the basis of the number of boundaries that England and New Zealand hit in the final match.  Since the former had hit 27 versus NZ's 16, the Cup went to England after the Super Over ended up as a tie.  

The ICC rule was crystal clear from the beginning but it has always been described as crazy.  The social media is awash with outrage over the rule.  From former cricketers like Yuvraj Singh to others, everyone is seriously in disagreement with the ICC over the rule.  

Says Joy Bhattacharjya, "I really don't like the rule of the team scoring the maximum boundaries winning a tied match. It puts an accent on big hits and does not reward teams that run harder. How about one where, in case of a tie, we take out extras. The team with most runs with the bat wins."  

Author Chetan Bhagat writes, "Strange that a game that has 5 days matches did not have time to do another super over and decided the World Cup winner by counting boundaries."  

Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif said, "Difficult to digest this more boundary rule. Something like sudden death- continuous super overs till a result is a better solution. Understand, wanting a definite winner but sharing a trophy is better than deciding on more boundaries. Very tough on New Zealand."