What is Pawan Kalyan's ideology? Know it here

With Pawan Kalyan deciding to ally with the BJP, many observers have been taken aback by the "ideological somersault" of the Jana Sena chief.  They are saying that Pawan has advertised himself as a Leftist with revolutionary thoughts for years.  And, stunningly, he has now become a partner of the Hindu Right.  
But is there anything that proves that Pawan is a Communist at heart?  Almost nothing.  He has idolized Che Guevara, yes.  However, he has always been clear that his liking for Che is limited to his idealism and courage.  Last year's elections saw him allying with the Left.  But he also did it with the BSP.  And, in 2014, he had seen the BJP as an answer to the country's problems.  In 2009, when Chiranjeevi formed the PRP, Pawan saw himself as the cheerleader of a Mandal-type social justice party looking at OBC consolidation.
It can be said that Pawan is not ideological at all.   Frankly put, his articulations on economic, cultural and social matters have always been vague.  In the past five years, the Jana Sena chief has gone from suggesting that he doesn't agree with BJP on ideology to supporting it on Article 370 and now the CAA.  This shows his muddled thinking rather than past anti-BJPism.