Whatever Salman do becomes a trend

Whatever Salman do becomes a trend

Whatever Sultan of Box office, Salman Khan do lately or firstly, it would become a trend. This Superstar has that much following in youth and mass circuits.

From the past few weeks, Bottle Cap Challenge has become a trend across the globe. This challenge is initiated by Hollywood Superstar Jason Statham. Later, many stars and Superstars across the world has done it.

Despite Salman done it lately, he emerged as the winner with a message not because of the kick. Unlike the world, Salman blew the bottle cap with mouth and said don't waste water and drink the entire water in the bottle. After this feat, he winked at the end.

Salman wins it with a message. Yes, there is a lot of water crisis across the globe. Especially, 40 % of Indians are going to suffer a lack of water by 2020.  This message of saving water is the need of the hour.

Definitely, everyone will follow this trend of saving water with the call of Bhai, Salman.