A film on Burari mass suicides can be wow

A film on Burari mass suicides can be wow

The suicide by 11 members of a family in North Delhi's Burari has shaken many and numbed the faint-hearted.  With new details emerging, the case can form the backdrop of a horror or a thriller or a crime drama.  Here is why and how!

1.  11 members of the family were united in their decision to kill themselves.  Nobody dissented. What if one of them protested and escaped from the ordeal?  What if this single surviving member of the family becomes a key character in a film?

2.  With police suspecting the role of an occultist in controlling the minds of the family members, an 'Anukokunda Oka Roju' kind of backdrop within a larger canvas can be had.

3.  The family was known for its simple and normal lifestyle.  They were soft-spoken and absolutely normal even before their death.  What if such a bunch of characters is shown killing themselves all of a sudden?  It will be a hair-raising twist and moment for the audience.  

4.  Just the idea of the head of the family penning hand-written notes and the members rehearsing their deaths can make for shocking scenes.

5.  What were they conversing in private?  What were the members talking to one another?  How were the younger lot convinced to die?  Exploring these can make for a superb script!