Amazing and Mysterious facts of FIFA WC 2018 Quarter Finals, Clash of 6’s & 7’s

Amazing and Mysterious facts of FIFA WC 2018 Quarter Finals, Clash of 6’s & 7’s

This time FIFA World Cup 2018 is going on with unpredictable excitement and unexpected twists. The teams which considered to be the favorites of 2018 World Cup have left by prolonging the desire of fans further with brilliant performances of the opposition teams.

Especially the exit of Star players like Lionel Messi of Argentina is a heartbreaker to millions of fans across the world. Besides, Christiano Rolando’ exit also. Shockingly, Argentina and Portuguese were out of the tournament due to France and Uruguay’ amazing performances in knockouts.

From today onwards, the Quarter Finals will go on among the best 8 teams including France, Uruguay, Brazil, Belgium, Sweden, England, Russia, and Croatia. There is an amazing and mysterious fact if we find the quarter-final teams and their clashes. We may call it the clashes of 6’s and 7’s. Here is why.

All the clashes are going between the nations of 6 and 7 letters followed by the quarter-final clash on the dates 6th and 7th July, which is the seventh month too.

Go through here:
The 6 letter France is taking on 7 letter Uruguay and the same is going on with Brazil and Belgium, which have 6 and 7 letters.
For tomorrow also the same, Sweden has 6 and England has 7 whereas Russia has 6 and Croatia has 7 letters. As said above the 6 and 7 letters world cup quarter-finals clash will be ended on 6th and 7th of July. (July is the 7th month).

So fans, we call this quarterfinals clash as “Clash of 6’s & 7’s”.