Baahubali, Officer same to same, but..!

Baahubali, Officer same to same, but..!

Sensational director, RGV’ Officer is tantamount to Visionary Rajamouli’ epic Baahubali franchise. But how it tantamount Baahubali is a contrary story.

With Baahubali, Rajamouli has taken the glory of Telugu cinema to the world by clearing the illusions of universal movie lovers that Bollywood is not only Indian cinema there are many regional films too which has been delivering some extraordinary content since ages.

Whatever the Tsunami created by Baahubali franchise is truly epic and it won’t be easy to rewrite at the box office. With Baahubali, India witnesses the first 1000cr film at the domestic box office and it has collected 2000cr globally.

As said above, RGV’ Officer created an epic record which is quite contrary and that no one could ever achieve in their dream. Yes, Officer has collected a share of 1cr worldwide in its full run. It is an unbelievable disaster. Whatever the share Officer collected is pretty less of King Nagarjuna’ first day collections of his any previous releases.

Even dubbing and young heroes film’ collecting 1cr share nowadays easily on opening day. The fans and movie lovers claiming that RGV has completely misused the trust of King Nagarjuna. Especially, Akkineni fans are publicly expressed their ire on RGV by pouring milk on the cut-out of the director in a satirical way.