BJP to puncture Rahul Gandhi's 'Hindu card'?

BJP to puncture Rahul Gandhi's 'Hindu card'?

Rahul Gandhi today tried to once again project himself as a true Hindu in the Parliament.  This comes months after his party described him as a Shiva devotee and a 'Janeu dhaari' Brahmin ahead of the Gujarat elections.  

However, the BJP is expected to well do its part to puncture the Congress President's "Hindu card".  Only recently, Narendra Modi publicly slammed Rahul for allegedly describing the Congress as a "Muslim party".  Such slamming could only intensify in future.  

With the Congress infamously questioning the veracity of the surgical strikes against Pakistan in 2016, the BJP could use it to question Rahul even more robustly from now.  

There will be attempts to portray Rahul's hug to Modi as a political stunt.  Even sections of media are not endorsing his hug as a sincere one.  "The hug was meant to be a political masterstroke. Caught the PM off guard. A show of compassion towards an adversary. The jadu ki jhappi. The wink the next moment showed it was a mere political stunt," a journalist today said.  

Meanwhile, social media was today dotted with Rahul jokes.  Harsh Sanghvi, a BJP MLA noted, "Comedy shows cancelled across Globe because Rahul baba will be speaking in Parliament today. #BhookampAaneWalaHai".