Gemini Ganesan’s daughter furious over Mahanati

Gemini Ganesan’s daughter furious over Mahanati

Currently, Telugu and Tamil lovers are swaying in the mania of Mahanati. Each and everyone from the film fraternity is spellbound by the performances of Keerthy Suresh and Dulquer Salman as Legends Savitri and Gemini Ganesan.

While everyone is pouring in their appreciations over the film Mahanati, but the daughter of Legend Gemini Ganesan, Dr.Kamala Selvaraj is furious for showing his father in a negative way. She said that Mahanati is not a true biopic where the team hides other dimensions of Savitri.

Daughters of Gemini Ganesan including estranged daughter Rekha
Dr. Kamala Selvaraj who is the daughter of Gemini Ganesan’s first wife Alamelu has confessed that her mother is never supportive of her father’s marriage with Savitri. Despite being a feminist, my father respects all his wives and never jealous of Savitri which is shown contrary in the film, Mahanati.

Rare Pic: Gemini Ganesan with daughters and grand daughters
She who expressed unhappiness over the team Mahanati for showing his father as jobless actor roaming around the sets of Savitri’ movies. It is just like defaming her father and called as an injustice to the children of Gemini Ganesan. Especially she expressed grief over portraying her father as who influenced Savitri to alcohol. And the film is only meant to glorify her.

Mr. Gemini Ganesan had seven daughters and a son for various wives. And the Legendary actress, Bollywood evergreen beauty, Rekha was estranged daughter of Ganesan. 

Rare Pic: The Gemini Ganesan Family