Gosh! 2.40 million sarkari jobs in India are vacant

Gosh! 2.40 million sarkari jobs in India are vacant

Job aspirants in India are extremely attracted to government jobs.  No matter how many notifications are there for sarkari jobs in a year, it's never satisfying.  Such is the intense competition that millions of aspirants are left jobless even after attempting so many exams across the spectrum.

Are government jobs scarce in India because the governments don't need to recruit much?  This is not the case.  Most job aspirants know that notifications are postponed and recruitment is inadequate because fiscal space available for governments is limited.  

A recent Rajya Sabha discussion revealed the quantum of government jobs that remain vacant in India.  It's a whopping 2.40 million!  The states and the Centre are not filling up these jobs simply because they are scared of administrative expenses.  

Populist measures like farm loan waivers are to be blamed for this situation, says a commentator.  Governments fritter away thousands of crores on waiving farm loans for electoral dividents.  This unproductive expenditure makes it tough to spend on productive sectors like education and health, leading to a situation of perennial vacancies.  

It may be noted that only recently, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that quotas are of no use since government jobs are not being created anyways!