How can there be no jobs in India?: Modi

How can there be no jobs in India?: Modi

Is Modi government a failure or a success in creating jobs?  While there have been claims on the basis of the EPFO data that millions of jobs have been created every year, what does the Prime Minister think about it?  

In his latest interview to a magazine, Modi has opened up on the issue.  "If 41 lakh jobs were generated in the formal sector in eight months (as per EPFO data), how much would be the total formal plus informal sector jobs?" the PM asks.  

Modi says that India has added 48 lakh new enterprises since GST came into force.  "Will this not result in more formalisation and better jobs?" he questions.  

The BJP crowd-puller says that 12 crore MUDRA loans means that at least 12 crore jobs have been created in the last four years.  Also, the construction activity (1 crore houses, roads, railways, highways, airlines, etc) must have "employed more people in equal proportions." 

"The previous Karnataka government claimed to have created 53 lakh jobs. The West Bengal government said it created 68 lakh jobs in the last term," Modi mentions, adding that if states have jobs, how come the country has no jobs as per critics?