It is high time for Team India to look for the true heirs of Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman

It is high time for Team India to look for the true heirs of Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman

Team India which has corroborated as Lions when playing in the subcontinent is constantly failing to show its dominance in foreign soils after the Fab Five’ retirement. 

You may agree or not, not only in Virat’ captaincy but also in MS Dhoni’ captaincy India has bad foreign tours after the fab five Sachin, Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman and Anil Kumble’ retirement. These five has brought some comprehensive victories in overseas and given tough fight even in odd times too.

Especially, the middle-order batsmen, the duo Very Very Special Laxman and The Wall Rahul Dravid are match winners for team India in Test Cricket. They both done unimaginable, impossible things possible in the Test Cricket. These both became the backbone for the Indian Cricket.

When Dhoni became successful as Captain, some unnecessary pressure created on the Legends Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman as slow runners between the wicket.  Dhoni’ tactics for ODI is superb when comes to Test Cricket it’s not at all right.

At that time, When BCCI following Dhoni blindly, pressure mounted on Rahul and VVS by showing out some good performances by Pujara and Ajinkya. And some compared these two as the replacements of Laxman and Dravid in the early of the career even their technique didn’t test in foreign soils against England, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand etc., 

Mr. Wall fought with all the buzz which highlighting his single bad performance in poor light and lead to a lot of discussions has announced his retirement not to breach his good image by some XYZ comments. After Rahul’ retirement, VVS who is facing the same pressure as a poor runner between the wickets has all of sudden announced his retirement even he selected for the tour.

At that time, those who highlighted single bad performances of these Legends have forgotten about their match-winning knocks. Besides, they forget about the other players who are not performing well.  And also praised Pujara and Rahane as the real heirs of Dravid and Laxman.
Except in India, these two players haven’t performed a single match-winning knock like the greats Laxman and Dravid done in overseas. Our current team is incredible in sub-continent but not in overseas. Still, they’re unable to play great innings when the ball is swinging.

Normally, any time can replace after a perfect match is set in the place of existing players. Team India became weak in the middle order mainly in Test Cricket. After a player getting good experience in playing overseas cricket, the experienced campaigner in the team who is not performing up to the mark has to replace. Likewise, a new player has to be included in the team after each of these Legends Sachin, Rahul, Ganguly and Laxman’ exit one by one after a certain amount of time.

But due to some pressures, especially Dravid and Laxman out of the team as per the buzz.  When Dhoni’ team visited England, team India lost miserably. At that time, you may call as the team with inexperienced campaigners. But what about now. The players got enough experience, even some players playing England county. The result is team India lost badly. Even the matches which we have 90 percent winning also lost badly.

From the past few Tests, it is repeating especially in overseas. At least now, BCCI has to open his eyes make players to play in county and also train them by creating the foreign conditions in India only instead of giving priority to IPL.

Besides BCCI is giving a neck to neck schedule to the players without giving scope to relax. IPL followed by back to back matches. If team India gets any week to relax, BCCI immediately fixes bilateral series with Sri Lanka.

Team India to out of such humiliation and dominate world cricket with great technique in bat, bowl, and field, BCCI has to act from now onwards. They stop praising budding cricketers with a single performance to Legends.