Janasena Chief calls for the rise of Middle Class

Janasena Chief calls for the rise of Middle Class

Before resuming his Janasena Praja Porata Yatra in Visakhapatnam from 26th onwards, the actor turned politician hearing out his voice to the millions out on the social media.

Yesterday, Mr. Pawan Kalyan who has uttered against TTD Pink diamond and the TDP government’ land acquisition act now takes the responsibility of awakening the lower and upper middle class who drives their lives by putting blind belief in the hands of fate without any resistance.

Janasena Chief want upper and lower-middle-class people to fight for the change in the politics instead of running away out of disgust. He wants to come out and speak out the heart by reminding how middle-class intellectuals play a crucial role at the time of 1971 emergency.

The Janasena Chief wants the middle-class people participation in the forthcoming elections, 2019. He also unfolded that Janasena is organizing the training classes firstly for Janasainiks in Uttarandhra under the supervision of Bommadevara Sreedhar.

These Janasena special training classes will be lead by Dev and team.