Karnataka Verdict: Will JD(S) rescue its flock from BJP?  

Karnataka Verdict: Will JD(S) rescue its flock from BJP?  

The current situation in the Karnataka is nothing short of the high voltage intense thriller. Before the counting everyone thought of Congress will emerge as the single largest party in the state and forms the government. Later it will change with an unpredictable dominance of BJP pre-noon.

A twist in tale rises, now hung is on cards. The BJP which expected to form the single government without taking the support of JD(S) has fallen seven short of the magic figure and its lead down to 103 from 120. At Present, BJP has won 103, Congress(76) and JD(S)(37) seats respectively and the ball is in the court of JD(S).

To free BJP from Karnataka, Congress CM Candidate Siddharamaiah along with other National and state leaders have officially confirmed giving support to JD(S) to form the government. With this move, HD Kumaraswamy will become the CM of Karnataka.

Here also an interesting twist is there as the BJP which is in power across the nation won't easily allow forming the government may try to split JD(S) and Congress by luring in some of the winning candidates from Kumarasamy's party. If BJP allows JD(S) to form the government along with Congress, there is the huge strategy as per the political analysts it definitely split Kumarasamy's flock by passing majority notion in the assembly and forms its government. 

The excitement is building as every second pass on. How JD(S) will rescue its members from the BJP's various temptations of Central Ministries and other offerings etc.,

As per Danish Ali, JD(S) words, they along with Congress meet Governor today at 5:30 PM after election made an official announcement. Already Congress Senior Leader, Azad is in Bangalore to act as per the strategy of Sonia Gandhi.