KTR regrets for missing RaGa' hug and wink

KTR regrets for missing RaGa' hug and wink

Despite Telangana IT Minister spent fruitfully with his works, he is unhappy over a thing where the entire world witnessed, enjoyed, and trolled.

Yesterday, the parliament session over No Confidence Motion has given an unlimited and unforgettable entertainment to the Indians across the globe. For this entertainment, Rahul Gandhi is the prime reason.

Yes, Mr. Gandhi who wants to show the value of love to opposition despite he is criticized as ‘Pappu’ by giving a hug to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Subsequent to this, RaGa’ wink act taken the entertainment to another quarter.

For missing this live entertainment, Telangana IT Minister, KTR expressed his unhappiness.  Post Rahul’ hug and wink act, everyone got enough fodder either to criticize or hail him.

"Looks like I missed watching some major drama live; Hugs, winks, rhetoric etc. "