Mahanati Movie Review

Mahanati Movie Review

Very rarely do you get to see biopics made in Telugu and for the first time, a director has dared enough to make a film and that on the life of a superstar who lived a controversial life. Mahanati is that film which has made its way to the theaters. Read on to see how the film turns out to be.

The film is all about the rise of Savitri. How a small girl from Vijayawada lands in the big bad world of movies. How she falls in love with the already married Gemini Ganesan and how her life turns upside down and how she becomes an alcoholic. All this is shown through the character of Keethry Suresh who plays Savitri in the film.

Keerthy Suresh'sperformance as Savitir is the best you have ever seen in the last ten years in Telugu cinema. She breathes life into the role of Savitri and is just terrific from the word go. Keerthy Suresh lives and dies in the role which has been specially etched for her. She is going go to greater heights with this film and there is no doubt about it. 
Dulquer Salman is yet another star in the film as his love story with Savitri is the highlight of the film. The way he goes about his role of Gemini is just mind blowing and he causes a major effect on the film. Rajendra Prasad is another treasure in the film as she does his role of Savitri close aide to the best. The review will not end if you don't speak about Samantha. She is the secret star as her narration and the way she blends into the film with her natural performance is her career best. Vijay Devarakonda is nice in his role and gives the comic relief here and there. 

The makers have recreated the old era in a mind-blowing manner. Savitri's look and the way she dresses have been given a realistic look. The camera work is top notch as the film has that old charm in a big way. Mickey J Meyer's music drives the film forward and gives a good feeling. Nag Ashwin is a man to look forward to. His narration is amazing as he has given the dark facets of the actress in a noncontroversial manner. Art direction needs a special mention as they have set up the film in a lovely manner. But it is NagAshwin who will be remembered in a long time to come.

What clicks :
Keerthy Suresh
Dulquer Salman
Drama & Emotions

What flops :
Slow Pace

Overall analysis :
Making a biopic needs a lot of courage as one needs to have guts to showcase what all happened in one's life as it is. Nag Ashwin comes out with flying colors and makes one hell of a biopic and gives a perfect ode to Savitri. Every generation will lap up this film because of its interest factor and we recommend you to book your tickets as soon as possible as Tollywood has reached new heights with this film which is a rare masterpiece.