MK Stalin ‘Yellow’d only need to be ‘black’d

MK Stalin ‘Yellow’d only need to be ‘black’d

It seems the combat between brothers for DMK Chief chair has been over now.  DMK Leader, MK Stalin has filed nomination for DMK President position and from tomorrow, he will take the responsibilities as new DMK President.

Mr. Stalin is getting reigns of DMK Party from his father, Late Former CM Karunanidhi. “What about the two important things( Yellow Shawl and Black Spectacles which traveled along with Kalaingar till the end?” This is the doubt in many DMK and Kalaingar fans hearts even though they didn’t express out.

Their heartbeat seems to have listened to the Kollywood.  Popular actor and director of Tamil Cinema, Parthiban has honored MK Stalin with Yellow Shawl yesterday where the DMK leader has attended an event pertaining to the film.

With this honor, DMK activists and fans rejoiced the happiness as Stalin got Yellow shawl from Karunanidhi’ legacy as blessings. Over this, they’re anticipating that their new leader is completely fit into Kalaingar’ shoes once he got those black spectacles too.

Anyway, film fraternity’ honoring of Stalin with Yellow shawl not only reminded Kalaingar but also made them emotional with the nostalgia of their leader.