Niharika talks about future plans

Niharika Konidela won't be an actress for her.  She will act for another 4-5 years, get married and never act!  The Mega Princess says that she won't be quitting the film industry, though.  

"I will get into production department," she reveals.  Her own Pink Elephant Pictures is into digital media.  It will be upgraded as a production house in future.  

Since she has no long-term plans as an actress, the daughter of Naga Babu is not really particular about which hero she wants to work with.  The story and her character - these are her criteria.

The youngster awaits the release of 'Happy Wedding' on July 28.  She is doing a film opposite Rahul Vijay (fight master Vijay's son) and with director Pranith, who comes from a short-film background.  In 'Sye Raa', she will be seen in a very trivial role that has no dialogues.