Rahul is wrong on anti-Sikh pogrom

Rahul is wrong on anti-Sikh pogrom

Recently during his London visit, Rahul Gandhi stated that the Congress was not involved in the anti-Sikh violence in 1984 following Indira Gandhi's murder.  Records say that 3,200 Sikhs were brutally lynched to death in Delhi and other parts of North India under the supervision of some Congress leaders.  

The Congress president's remarks are said to have disappointed large sections of voters in Punjab.  

Just in 2013, Rahul had said that some Congressmen were probably involved in the massacres.  This statement has been used by the BJP to corner Rahul on the issue.  

There has been a sharp reaction from civil society elites as well.  "The Big Lie! The riots were led by Congress Leaders. The Army was not called in till thousands killed; outrageous dishonest statement," wrote Mohandas Pai.  

On the other hand, the Congress is defending its leader.  "To hold Rahul Gandhi responsible for an act which he wasn't even aware of at the time it happened was completely ridiculous. Congress, as a party, was never involved in riots," stated Capt. Amarinder Singh, the CM of Punjab.