Review: Abhimanyudu(Vishal, Arjun,Samantha)

Review: Abhimanyudu(Vishal, Arjun,Samantha)

Starring : Vishal, Arjun, Samantha
Director : P.S. Mithran
Producer : Vishal
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematographer : George C. Williams
Editor : Ruben

Tamil hero Vishal always comes up with very interesting films and often dubs them in Telugu. Abhimanyudu is one such film which was a runway hit in Tamil. Read on to see how it fared in Telugu.

The film is all about cyber crime and how massive thefts are happening in this date and age of technology. Money keeps getting debited from many accounts in the country leaving many distressed. One of the those is also Vishal and his family. Angry with his financial loss he takes up the duty of nabbing the crimanal behind it who is none other than action king Arjun. How in the world he does it is the Crux of the story.

Vishal gives a sincere performance in all his films and same is the case with Abhimanyudu too. His role of army officer who is like any other common man represents many of us and is very good. Arjun gets a tailor made role and he gives that commercial effect to the film with his cat and mouse game with the hero. Samantha looks extremely gorgeous and ably support Vishal in the film It would have been good to see their lead pairs love story a bit more.

Director Mithran chooses a very contemporary subject of cyber crime and narrates things in a way which the audience loves. The way he has slowly got into the storyline and created an emotional angle in the crime thriller is very good. The second half is good but the last half an hour is even better. Background score takes away all the marks as the music scored for Arjun and the cyber crime episode is awesome.

What Clicks:
Gripping narration
Hero-Villain mind game

What Flops:
Slow first half
Lack of comedy

Overall analysis:
Crime thrillers need to be told with a lot of conviction and clarity otherwise things can get tedious. But that is not the case with Abhimanyudu as the film is a mix of good emotions and crime. It takes a lot of time to get going but boy, once it does it, entertains you convincingly and showcases you the ghastly effects of cybercrime and how you need to be careful with it.