Review: Jhansi(Jyothika, GV Prakash Kumar)

Review: Jhansi(Jyothika, GV Prakash Kumar)

Cast: Jyothika, G. V. Prakash Kumar
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Editor : Sathish Suriya
Producers : Rockline Venkatesh
Director : Bala Pazhanisaamy

Jyothika is playing a police officer in today's release Jhansi. Read on to see if this has anything which will interest the Telugu audience. 

A minor couple played by G V Prakash and Ivana are soon to be parents. But to their bad luck the boy in the couple is caught by the police for rape charges. Jhansi played by Jyothika is assigned the case. Rest of the story is as to how Jhansi frees the couple from all charges.

Jyothika is superb in her role of a cop. She means business and no one can come near her when it is official duty. The films journey is all about Jyothika and her transformation of a rude cop to a good human being who helps the young couple. G V Prakash looks ugly in his appearance but he performs very decently. The new girl Ivana is best in her getup.

The film is filled with Tamil flavor and not even the sign boards in the language have been changed which looks weird. Music by Ilayaraja is pathetic and does not create any interest. Director Bala makes the proceedings good in the first half by narrating a lovely love story. But as the suspense builds in the second half he loses track of the narration and brings the film down. 

What clicks:
GV Prakash 

What flops:
Second half
Too much mass effect

Overall analysis:
Bala and his films have always been placed amidst realistic locations of the society. This story of Jhansi is the same and looks raw. It is not for everyone and has its own limitations. If you want to watch a gritty drama go ahead but be warned there are no roses in the narrative.