Review: Lover(Raj Tharun, Riddhi Kumar)

Review: Lover(Raj Tharun, Riddhi Kumar)

Cast: Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar
Music: Ankit Tiwari
DOP: Sameer Reddy
Editor : Prawin Pudi
Producers : Harshith Reddy
Director : Annish Krishna

The success of Lover is very crucial for Raj Tharun as it will end the series of flops in his career. The film has made it to the screens with a very low key buss and read on to see what will it's fate at the box office.

Raj Tharun is a custom bike mechanic who falls in love with a nurse played by Riddhi Kumar. Things become problematic is the love story when some tensions related to Riddhi Kumar's hospital become a chaotic situation. How will the helpless Raj Tharun save his lover from all this chaos is the story of Lover.

You can see a new and transformed Raj Tharun in this film as he looks good and has also played his mass role impressively. Riddhi Kumar is a natural actress and go a long way if she chooses her roles well now. But the star of the film is Rajeev Kanakala as he has got a very mature role after Janata Garage. One fight sequence where she saves the heroine is top class. Main villain Sachin is riveting and does good with his eyes.

There is nothing new that this film showcases except for showcasing Raj Tharun in a new way altogether. Director Anish Krishna who made a good comedy with Ala Ela goes a bit massy and tries to elevate things on a big level. But in this situation he fails to generate good romance and comedy which are missing in the film. 

Music is a charbuster and is what clicks in the film more than anything. The first half is bleak with not much happening and the second part has some grip but is not enough to save the film.

What clicks:
Raj Tharun

What flops:

Overall analysis:
Lover is also one film who does not have anything which will help Raj Tharun in his career as his streak of flops will continue. He needs to work on his scripts and choose films which are entertaining and show his joyful side. Sadly, lover has none of that except some very good music.