Review: Pantham(Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada)

Review: Pantham(Gopichand, Mehreen Pirzada)

Cast : Gopichand, Mehreen Kaur Pirzada
Music Director : Gopi Sundar
Cinematographer : Prasad Murella
Editor : Prawin Pudi
Director : K Chakravarthy
Producer : K. K. Radhamohan

Pantham is Gopichand 's 25th film in his career. Based on a social message the film has found it's way to the theaters. Will this milestone film give Gopi any luck in his career. Well, read on and find out for yourself.

Vikranth played by Gopichand creates a havoc in the lives of several politicians by looting them of big money. One certain minister is the man who is at the most lost. This is also time where. Twist reveals that Vikranth is the man who has done all this. What did he do this and what is his personal agenda is the rest of the story of Pantham.

The man who impresses and takes all the burden of the film on his shoulders is Gopichand. He looks good in the film and is honest in his approach. Emotions wise he has done a good job in the climax. Mehrene looks beautiful but her role is not handled well and looked jaded in the setup. Main villain Sampath does the same old villain stuff by shouting over the roof tops. 30 years Prudhvi is good and his comedy evokes a few fun elements here and there.

Debutante Chakri chooses the old school story line which has a Robinhood kind of a theme. Gentleman had the same theme way long back but the director of this film is still stuck there. His idea of giving a social message is though of well but he has failed in the way he handled the direction. Music is pathetic but the visuals were good. The fight did not create any impact and the second half fails miserable till the climax which is the only solace of this film.

What clicks:

What flops:
Boring songs
Weak execution

Overall Analysis:
Gopichand always picks up subjects but somehow things won't work for him. The same has happened again as Pantham has a good message but is spoilt in the way it is made. Just for a few fun scenes and climax the film will not help Gopichand get back in the game in any way.