Review: Paper Boy(Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman, Tanya Hope)

Review: Paper Boy(Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman, Tanya Hope)

Cast: Santosh Shoban, Riya Suman,TanyaHope
Music: Bheems
DOP: Soundararajan
Editor : Thammiraju
Producers : Sampath Nandi
Director : V Jayashankarr

Paper Boy made so much Hungama in the last week or so as the film was promoted aggressively. The film has made its way to the screens and read on to find out whether the film is worth all the hype.

The story is as old as Titanic which had the love story between a rich girl and a poor boy. The same stuff happens in Paper Boy too as Santosh Shoban falls in love with a rich girl played by Priya Rai. Like in every movie, the girl's family does not approve of the marriage. The crux of the story is as to how a normal paper boy manages to marry a rich girl without compromising on his ethics.

Tanya Hope is the best of the lot as the film starts and ends with her. She plays the sheet anchor's role to perfection and gives a whole new dimension to the film. Santosh Shoban has the talent but he needs to improve on his looks. He is a perfect set in this role of a paperboy.

Heroine Riya Suman does an okayish job and could have been better. She is not that great with the emotional department but she passes the test along with the team. Bittiri Sathi cracks a few jokes and brings smiles. Rest of the supporting cast looks cheap.    

Paper Boy is old wine in the old bottle as the simple and age-old story is just given basic treatment which does not work at all. This plays the spoilsport as the director fails to induce any novelty in the love story. What you get to see are the same old scenes which you have seen in Indian films from years gone by. 

The only part which clicks is the subtle emotions which are featured through the Paper Boy and his family. The songs are weak and the lead pair fails to have the basic chemistry which is a must in all love stories. Family episodes and too much of sobbing make matters worse for the audience even further. 

What clicks:
Certain Emotions

What Flops:

Overall analysis:
For love stories to click, the basic thing is the chemistry between the lead pair which is missing in Paper Boy. The premise and essence in certain emotions are good but that is not enough for us to sit through this routine and an outdated love story which is being sold in form of Paper Boy. This film has just breezy moments and nothing more than that.