Stories about Karunanidhi's yellow shawl

Stories about Karunanidhi's yellow shawl

Many outside Tamil Nadu remember Karunanidhi as the leader who was always seen with dark glasses and a yellow shawl.  But why was he seen with the shawl?

Nobody knows for sure why he suddenly started appearing with a shawl in public life.  As per the late leader himself, he wore it because "Buddha loved the colour".

However, there are rumours that he wore it as per an astrological advice.  If this is true, nothing is more ironical because MK was a lifelong "rationalist".  

Still others believe that he did so for medical reasons.  

But he had to give up his famed dark glasses months before his death.  MK was advised to wear light glasses so that there is no pressure on his temples.  Eventually, after a 40-day hunt for suitable glasses, light-weight glasses were imported from Germany.