Twitter celebrates #HashtagDay

Twitter celebrates #HashtagDay

Twitter is one of the top and leading social media platforms in this digital world. Twitter provides each and every piece of information across the universe right from film, politics, adventure videos etc.,

It makes even common a celebrity across the globe. And most of them using Twitter to protest by expressing their opinions boldly over the government policies or anything. To hear our voices more clearly and resounding, Twitter has introduced Hashtag feature on 23rd August exactly eleven years ago.

Post introducing Hashtags, each and everyone across the world used a specific hashtag to trend it globally either to express their happiness, sorrow, honor, felicitate or protest. If we type any popular celebrity or event name with the hashtag, we get all the information(Latest and Old) under that hashtag. E.g.  #ValentinesDay, You’ll get all the information or wishes pertaining to it.

Twitter has celebrated #HashTagDay yesterday by wishing everyone to share the hashtag which defined their year.

Every day, more than 125 million hashtags are trending globally.