Venkaiah Naidu bats for Hindu values at WHC

Venkaiah Naidu bats for Hindu values at WHC

Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu, was at the World Hindu Congress in Chicago.  Speaking on the occasion, he batted for Hindu civilizational values, touching upon other aspects like education, too.  

"Hindu Dharma teaches you how to co-exist harmoniously with Nature.  

We have to live up to Swami Vivekananda's ideals, and show the world how Hindus are different," Naidu stated.  

"While the main exposition was showcasing the discovery of new lands, Swami Vivekananda’s exposition showcased the discovery of spiritual wellsprings that have sustained the world over many centuries," he added.  

The VP further noted, "I have made it a mission to visit all the Universities of Bharat to promote science and technology, meet farmers who are the backbone of Bharat's economy, and promote art and music. More than 60% of gold medallists at University conventions I attended have been women." 

The event is also in the news because RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat recently said that if a lion (referring to Hindus) is alone, wild dogs (referring to the "enemies" of Hindus) can invade and destroy the lion.