When Rahul Gandhi’ Prabhas act wins accolades, Varrier’ wink act dumped him

When Rahul Gandhi’ Prabhas act wins accolades, Varrier’ wink act dumped him

Today’ Parliament proceedings over No Confidence Motion is intense and intriguing, which is nothing short of a Southern spicy commercial entertainer.  The speeches of TDP MP Jayadev Galla and  Congress President, Rahul Gandhi’ brought much needed spicy flavor to No-Confidence Motion and gives enthralling entertainment to the Indians across the globe.

To say in Mr.Galla’ words, ‘Aaj Ka Parliament action Baahubali se Athyutham’.  Mr. Rahul Gandhi is never seen before in Parliament and attacked PM Modi and BJP right from special status issues to lynching, girl child rapes, farmers issues, Youth etc.,

He addressed the above points as to how PM Modi promised to give employment to Youth followed by attacks on Dalits etc., The way Mr.Gandhi has spoken is a shocker to Modi government. He seems focused and composed on attacking Modi and team.

At the end of his speech, Rahul Gandhi’ words as that he has no hatred for anyone for calling him Pappu. He said,”I’m Pappu for you. I’ve no hatred for you”.  He concluded by giving Munna Bhai’ Jhappi to Modi as he loves everyone that who he hates also.

With this, he indirectly slapped Modiji over his silence on many issues including Dalit attacks, girl child rapes, lynchings etc.,

Well, Mr. Rahul Gandhi’ this act of hug and talking about love reminds Baahubali actor Prabhas’ dialogue in director Koratala Siva’ movie ‘Mirchi’. In the film, Prabhas utters a dialogue to the opposition,” Veelaite Premiddam dude, Maha ayite tirigi premistaru”( If possible Love others dude, what we would lost , they will love you in return at least).
This dialogue and act of Prabhas come to live when Rahul talks about love and hugged Modiji. On Rahul’ act, while the Indians accolading him to the sky, his immediate Priya Prakash Varrier act of wink draws criticism and dumps him as a political game.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi wink post hug which caught on camera is drawing criticism and whatever the points he made earlier turned into dust. The Twitterati trolling him with wink video by posting Varrier memes and called his act is only publicity stunt of winning attention.

Some say this Sanju Jhappi act is an immature one and trolling him that he really proved as ‘Pappu once again’.